Not all raw materials that FAIR SQUARED process are covered by the Fair Label
Organization e.V. (FLO). There are simply too many natural raw materials for that
to be possible. One of these raw materials is natural rubber. It is produced from
the sap of the tropical tree “Hevea Brasiliensis”.

The aim of the Fair Rubber Association is “to contribute to an improvement of the
working and living conditions of the primary producers of natural latex by applying
the principles of Fair Trade to the trade in products made of natural rubber.” That
is what their statue says. But what does it actually mean?
Fair Rubber is good for the people. Participation in Fair Trade should be an option,
particularly for the primary producers of natural rubber (the people tapping the rubber trees) and small scale rubber farmers. But the low price paid for raw materials make it impossible for the tappers, plantation workers, and small-scale farmers to support themselves and their families.

This is where Fair Rubber wants to help. Paying a Fair Trade premium of 0,50€ pro
kilo of natural rubber to the primary producers ensures that even during periods
of depressed world market prices, the costs of production would be covered and
the suppliers would have a surplus. Crucially, this would allow them to improve
their working and living conditions. The decision of how this premium is to be used
remains with the workers: for example by the management board for small-scale
farmer associations, or in plantations by a panel consisting of selected employee
representatives and delegated management.

All Fair Squared condoms made of natural rubber have been certified by the
Fair Rubber association.

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