The independent certification body FLO-CERT GmbH audits the Fairtrade standards. Based in Bonn, Germany, FLO-CERT works worldwide with an independent, transparent and consistent auditing system compliant with ISO 65 (DIN EN 45011).

TransFair e.V, was founded in 1992 in Germany with the aim to support disadvantaged producer groups in developing countries. TransFair e.V. is an independent organisation, not a trading company. It awards the Fairtrade logo to fairly traded products and raises awareness in regards to sustainable consumption. Products carrying the Fairtrade logo are available throughout Germany in over 42,000 shops. More than 20,000 catering businesses offer Fairtrade coffee and cocoa. For more information go to

TransFair is part of Fairtrade International, an international organisation that defines Fairtrade criteria and looks after its partner organisations. Worldwide more than 1,3 million small farmers and plantation workers benefit from Fairtrade. If their family members are included, several million people benefit from better living and working conditions because of Fairtrade.