Founded in 2007, NATRUE is a non-profit association based in Brussels committed to promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. The NATRUE label is a guarantee for cosmetic products to always be as natural as possible. The products labeled with the NATURE label are of high standard and are divided into three different levels depending on how high the organic ingredient procentage is. The FAIR SQUARED products reach the first level. We would very much like to achieve a higher level, that is however currently not possible. Our products are certainly organically produced, but the needed certifications are either because of financial or organizational reasons not possible.

FAIR SQUARED products have the permission to carry the NATRUE logo, because they are always produced as natural as possible. In practice, this means:

• Use of natural and organic ingredients
• Gentle manufacturing processes
• Eco-friendly practices
• No use of synthetic fragrances and/or colors
• No use of ingredients deriving from petro chemistry
• No use of GMO ingredients
• No use of radiation on on the finished product or on the herbal ingredients

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