“PeTA (People for the ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest animal rights organization worldwide and fights among others factory farming, animal testing, and fur farming. They list all brands that have sent a written confirmation claiming that they (or a third party) have not carried out animal testing. PeTA only includes companies that have the best guidelines against animal testing on their OK-list. These are companies whose company policies take a clear stand against animal testing and thus help avoid animal testing and contribute to a complete abolition of animal testing.

These criteria were not hard to meet for FAIR SQUARED, because we have from the very beginning been taking a stand against animal testing. We declared to PeTA that we neither now nor will in future carry out animal testing or commission them. This is the case for all our cosmetic products. They do not contain ingredients of animal origin like animal skin, fur, meat, body parts, honey, beeswax, silk or any animal by-products. Our company and products were audited by PeTA and we have the permission to advertise with the PeTA logo.

For more information, please visit www.PETA.org