The hand-harvested olives we use come from Palestine. Our partner there is Canaan, the company produces the award winning „Zaytoun extra virgin olive oil“, which we use for many products in the FAIR SQUARED cosmetic range. In 2004 Nasser Abufarha founded the Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA) and Canaan Fair Trade, a processing and marketing company with an export licence. Since then he’s turned around the lives of thousands of Palestinian olive growers and their families: they now produce excellent olives for which they are not just guaranteed a good price, they also get a Fair Trade premium. The olives are hand-harvested and are immediately delivered to the Canaan processing plant where state of the art technology helps to gently extract the oil, preserving its flavour and natural qualities. But for most of the farmers Fair Trade is more than that: “Fair trade for me is pride. I am prouder, I have more dignity and a better life. Instead of selling the land to make money, I am buying land (…), I invest in my land and I make money”, a farmer, Odeh Abed Al Aziz Ali, told a researcher compiling a seven year impact study of Canaan Fair Trade. And Canaan helps women farming cooperatives to diversify, it facilitates micro credits, internships and stipends.

Photo credit: Canaan Fair Trade