Palestine is the home country of our hand-picked olives. Our partner Canaan is the manufacturer of the award-winning “Zaytoun extra virgin olive oil“, which is being used in our Fair Squared cosmetics series.

In 2004, Nasser Abufarha established the Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA) and Canaan Fair Trade, a processing- and distribution company with an export license. Since then, the lives of thousands of Palestinians and their families have changed radically: they produce excellent olive oil and do in exchange not only get a good price, but also a Fairtrade premium. The olives are harvested by hand and immediately delivered to Caanan for further processing. The local oil mill is state of the art and ensures that the taste and that the quality of the oil is preserved by the pressing of the olives.

But for most, Fairtrade means much more: “Fairtrade means pride to me. My life has dignity and we are doing so much better than before. Instead of having to sell my land in order to live, I am now buying land (…) I invest in this country and make my living as farmer. “ This was said by Odeh Abed Al Aziz Odeh Abed Al Aziz Ali to a social scientist that carried out a seven year long study of the effects of the Canaan Fair Trade project. Canaan farmers also help cooperatives to find new sources of income, grants microcredits, and organizes internships and scholarships.

Photo credit: Canaan Fair Trade