We obtain the natural rubber that we use for the manufacturing of our by Fair Rubber e.V. certified condoms from Tamil Nadu in southern India.

The natural latex used for the FAIR SQUARED condoms comes from the New Ambadi Plantation in Tamil Nadu in southern India, where Fairtrade latex is being produced in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. Biodiversity is promoted, the natural vegetation flourishes and animals that were long gone have returned. The Plantation offers not only its own employees courses in how to take care of the environment, but it also involves the entire village population and shares its experiences with the people. Respect and care – not only in dealing with the environment – is ultimately a shared responsibility.

Social responsibility and human interaction is very important at the plantation. The living conditions of the latex farmers are being constantly improved through the additional charge that gets paid for each kilo of latex. Early on could already in this way a portion of the medical care of the farmers be secured, the costs for continuing education for their children and an additional retirement insurance for the workers be fully paid.

Each FAIR SQUARED condom is individually and electronically tested. Our FAIR SQUARED condoms are produced at the company CPR Germany GmbH in Sarstedt, near Hannover. CPR is a certified ISO medical device manufacturer and produces condoms according to European standards. The production is constantly monitored by the independent TÜV Rheinland. Our German thoroughness is a guarantee of consistently good quality.

Photo credit: Fair Rubber © Martin Kunz