Our apricot oil comes from our partner Mountain Fruits in Pakistan. The fruits are irrigated with glacial waters from the Karakorum and the Himalayas, which excellently improves the quality of agricultural products.

The Fair Trade Mountain Fruit company company initiated in 2000 a Fair Trade program in the Hunza valley. In the recent years have text books been bought, students have become scholarships, playgrounds have been built, power generation generators have been installed, and irrigation projects have been constructed; all thanks to the Fairtrade premium.

But the Fairtrade funds have not only helped improving living conditions. „Through Fairtrade, it is now a matter of course that women go after a paid work and assume leadership positions.“ Richard Friend says, who has supported the Fairtrade-project in the Hunza valley from the very beginning. It is a huge progress for women in a Muslim society. The most residents of the Hunza valley are Ismailis, a Muslim group which is known worldwide for the support of science and art and the promotion of primary and secondary education for boys and girls.

Nevertheless, the fact that the strong workforce of 200 in both processing centers for fruits and nuts in the Hunza valley almost exclusively consist of women, and also are headed by women, is a success that has forced many men in the region to rethink and let go of prejudice.

Photo credit: Tropical Wholefoods