The women‘s cooperative Tighanimine was founded in 2007 with the aim to improve the living conditions of women in the rural community of Drarga in southern Morocco through the production and selling of the unique and valuable argan oil. The production of argan oil is associated with hard work . The women of the cooperative were thanks to their their ambition and their ancestral knowledge able to create a socio-economic project with various national and international institutions. The cooperative was Fairtrade certified in 2011 to enable that the women in Morocco can benefit even more.

The extraction of oil has always been women‘s work, but the fact that money can be made from it has improved the social position of women significantly. “Initially there were only widows and some divorced women willing to cooperate with us,” says Zoubida Charrouf , co-founder of the project, “Now women of all ages participate.” Most women have no education at all, so the NGO offer classes where women can learn to read and write. The women in Tighanimine have taken over all administrative work and they also process orders at the computer. More than 60 women are now part of Tighanimine. Their merit allows many of their children to visit secondary school – life has gotten a little better.

* Source: CNN Interview 2014