Everything we do, the production of our products, transport, running offices and administration cause CO2 emissions. Climate change does not just affect us and future generations, Fairtrade producers, too, already experience significant changes and disadvantages. That’s why we decided to have our emissions analysed by an independent company (ClimatePartner – www.climatepartner.com), to reduce emissions as far as possible and offset the rest through different climate projects. As early as 2014 we offset the FAIR SQUARED condoms through the afforestation project ‘biosphere reservation Schaalsee’. We have now expanded these efforts to the whole FAIR SQUARED product range and everything we do. At present we offset our emissions in Raichur, a rural district in central India, where we finance clean and efficient pressure cookers for local families. Since 2017 all FAIR SQUARED products climate neutral.

You find further information on the supported offset projects on the website by ClimatePartner.