The Fair Trade Labelling Organisation (FLO) has developed Fair Trade citeria for a lot of the products we use at FAIR SQUARED, but not all of them. One of these is natural latex or rubber. Natural latex is the product of the tropical tree “Hevea Brasiliensis”. The Fair Rubber Assossication was founded with the “aim (…) to contribute to an improvement of the working- and living conditions of the primary producers of natural latex (rubber), by applying the principles of Fair Trade to the trade in products made from natural rubber”. That’s what it says in the Fair Rubber constitution – but what does it actually mean?

Fair Rubber is a good thing for a lot of people. In particular the primary producers of natural latex, the rubber tappers, plantation workers and small scale farmers should be able to participate in Fair Trade. But because of low world market prices for rubber they are often unable to adequately provide for their families.

This is where Fair Rubber Association steps in: The members of the Fair Rubber Association pay 0.50 € per kilogram of Dry Rubber Content (DRC) to their supplier partners. The Fair Trade Premium ensures (in most instances) that the costs of production are met even when world market prices are very low. The Fair Trade Premium can be used to help improve living and working conditions. The board of the small scale farmers’ co-operative or, on plantations, a committee consisting of workers, elected by the workforce and delegates of the management team (called ‘Joint Body’) decide on how to spend the Fair Trade premium, a procedure similar to the one instituted by FLO.
At present FAIR SQUARED condoms, period cups and FAIR ZONE products carry the Fair Rubber Logo. FAIR SQUARED is committed to working with the Fair Rubber Association, all future FAIR SQUARED rubber products will be Fair Rubber Association labelled.

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