FAIR SQUARED is a limited company registered in Cologne, Germany. The company is family owned with no other companies or investors directly or indirectly involved. Our headquarters and warehouse are located on 700 m² rented space in Cologne-Marsdorf. Additional warehouse capacity is available through logistics providers if and when needed.

Our business principles are rooted in transparency, social and environmental acceptability, animal welfare and solidarity with those who are living in less priviledged parts of the world.

We work with distribution partners in a number of countries who have exclusive rights to sell FAIR SQUARED products. All of these partners are family owned companies dealing in health foods, natural cosmetics or other ecologically sound products.

FAIR SQUARED production partners are financially independent from FAIR SQUARED Ltd. We negotiate on an equal footing, we treat our partners with respect and communicate in an honest, fair manner. As a result we are able enter long term contracts which enhance more economic justice in international trade.
We own the formulations for our products. Every six months FAIR SQUARED develops between five and eight new products which are launched in February and September of any given year. The FAIR SQUARED trademark has been registered in many countries world wide.