Fair Squared promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides  products that enhance our customers well-being. We love life, so we want that neither animals nor plants or people have to suffer for our products. We constantly develop new and exciting items for the fair trade area and are proud to have launched the first fair trade condom onto supermarket shelves.

We at Fair Squared have for  years been involved in the Fair Trade movement and believe that the those that should benefit  from our philosophy all people involved in the supply chain –  farmer, producer, supplier or manufacturer.

We work with a number of various organizations and distribute free condoms to support preventative work in the fight against AIDS and for young peoples groups, involved in educating and promoting safe sex.

We reduce packaging wherever possible, our products include  recycled, recyclable or compostable materials and we ensure that our sources are sustainable for people and nature.

Farming practices that contribute to the destruction of the rainforest are not supported by us.

Our cosmetic products or their ingredients are not tested on animals and fully comply with EU regulations and are fully certified.

We do not use in the manufacture of our products, harmful additives like parabens or mineral oils.