The development of formulas and the design, the filling of the product in their containers, the packaging, and the storage of the products – it all takes place in Germany under reliable circumstances and everything is as fresh as it can be.

How are we producing the FAIR SQUARED products?
What happens first is that our fairly traded raw materials from all over the world arrive in our warehouse and they get quality-tested. Fairly traded raw materials are according to our experience often much more intense when it comes to taste, smell or content as many conventionally produced raw materials. It is always a special experience for our employees to take a smell in our warehouse. They experience the scent of the world.

After the raw material quality check, the production starts. Our employees and partner companies work in Germany and have a long experience in cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacture, as well as in the production of medicine. The FAIR SQUARED formulas are thanks to the experience of our employees and partner companies mixed and made into high quality cosmetic and hygiene products.