Fair Squared fair zone ballons - vegan, fair tradeFAIR ZONE BALLONS
Unique worldwide and only at FAIR ZONE: Fairly Traded FSC® 100% certified balloons made from natural lates. 12“ size.

Mix 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859002
White 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859019
Red 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859026
Pink 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859033
Purple 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859040
Green 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859057
Blue 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859064
Orange 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859507
Yellow 24 pcs : EAN Code 4260365859484

Fair Squared fair zone household gloves - vegan, fair tradeHOUSEHOLD GLOVES
Household gloves made from Fairly Traded and FSC ® 100% certified natural latex. Cotton flock lining.

Size M:
EAN Code 4260365859095

Size L:
EAN Code 4260365859125

Fair Squared fair zone fitness band - vegan, fair tradeFITNESS BAND
Different strength latex fitness bands (can stretch up to 5 fold). Made from Fairly Traded latex. Size: 150cm (length) x 12,5cm (width).

0.16 mm, yellow : EAN Code 4260365859187
0.20 mm, red : EAN Code 4260365859194
0.25 mm, green : EAN Code 4260365859200
0.30 mm, blue : EAN Code 4260365859217
0.35 mm, black : EAN Code 4260365859163
0.46 mm, silver : EAN Code 4260365859170

Fair Squared fair zone seed tray - vegan, fair tradeSEED TRAY
Worldwide first: Are you tired of plastic seed trays that barely last a season, are you an organic gardener tired of all that plastic? FAIR ZONE offers you a unique reusable seed tray made from Fairly Traded FSC® 100% certified natural latex. Natural latex is very flexible which makes it easy to tease out the seedlings. 30 cells, overall dimensions ca. 23cm x 26cm x 4cm. The seed tray is black because it‘s known to be more durable than rubber in other colours.

black : EAN Code 4260365859149