Hands are like a calling card. Not just manual labour, environmental stressors, too, take their toll and that’s why hands need some loving care and attention. Using hand care products on a regular basis can protect hands from becoming chapped or worse: infected. With FAIR SQUARED you find a natural and highly fair opportunity to grant your hands the care which they deserve. We offer liquid soaps based on highly nutritious olive and almond oil as well as green tea, furthermore hand creams with all those moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Olive oil is a natural (and in our case fairly traded) alternative to soap. For centuries it’s been used to gently clean and moisturize the skin. Olive oil contains antioxidants which are known to protect against premature signs of aging. It’s in your hands!

Fair Squared hand creme olive - vegan, fair tradeHAND CREAM CLASSIC OLIVE

The Hand Cream Olive nourishes dry, chapped skin leaving your hands supple and smooth. A rich cream that moisturises and protects the skin from signs of premature aging. Easy to apply and absorbed quickly. With Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine.

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The sensitive version of our classic all-time favourite is also based on nourishing Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine. Though, its specific characteristic is composed of fairly traded almond oil from Uzbekistan which adds on the cream‘s smoothness. This makes her an ideal partner for sensitive skin. Reach out for our Hand Cream Sensitive Almond directly after washing your hands as well as occasionally and your sensitive skin will be highly thankful for the extra care with precious Fairtrade cosmetic!

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Fair Squared HAND SOAP OLIVE - vegan, fair tradeLIQUID SOAP OLIVE

In our Liquid Soap Olive we combine the excellent characteristics of high quality olive oil with a Fairtrade cleanser for daily use. For centuries olive oil has been used to cleanse and moisturize skin. As it is well-known as an antioxidant it also helps to protect your skin from aging. Olive oil is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants; it soothes and rejuvenates the skin. Free from sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and parabens. With Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine.

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Fair Squared HAND SOAP ALMOND - vegan, fair tradeLIQUID SOAP ALMOND

The counterpart to our Hand Cream Sensitive Almond is this liquid soap with high-class fairly traded almond oil from Uzbekistan. As a nourishing base it also contains Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine.

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Fair Squared HAND SOAP GREEN TEA - vegan, fair tradeLIQUID SOAP GREEN TEA

With Fairtrade green tea from India and Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine, this soap has a pH value of 5.5. That makes the liquid soap ideal for sustainable hand hygiene. As the first of the zero waste products in this category we now offer a 5 litre ‘bag in box’ refill pack with a dispenser.

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