Fairtrade takes a lot of legwork, literally. Tired legs are just one of the consequences. But we do not only dedicate our leg and foot care products to the group of Fairtrade activist. Our Foot Freshener and Leg Balm rather care for all people who stand or walk a lot at work. We successfully put the first foot care formula to the test while travelling to meet our Fairtrade partners – and using foot care did help us to go the extra mile.

Foot Freshener Lime is a real tonic for your feet in particular if you spent most of the day standing. Citrus oils have a cooling, revitalizing effect and help to prevent unpleasant odours. With regular use areas with hardened skin become noticeably softer. With Fairtrade argan oil from Morocco and Fairtrade limes from Brazil.Content 50ml:
EAN Code 4260365851693

Content 50ml (no waste):
EAN Code 4260365854083

Content 150ml:
EAN Code 4260365851624

Fair Squared LEG BALM GREEN TEA - vegan, fair tradeLEG BALM GREEN TEA
Revitalising Leg Bam that promotes blood circulation. The astringent effect of vines and green tea is beneficial if you suffer from varicose veins. With Fairtrade green tea from India and Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan.Content 50ml:
EAN Code 4260365851617

Content 50ml (no waste):
EAN Code 4260365854090

Content 250ml:
EAN Code 4260365851631

We care for fair – from head to toe

We receive the valuable Fairtrade ingredients of our care series for weary and exhausted activists from partners all over the world. Amongst others, we use Fairtrade green tea which is also certified for its biodynamic agriculture in one of the best known tea regions: Darjeeling. By this, not only your body benefits from the excellent ingredients, you also contribute to an increasing fairness at another place of the world. Be fair to your body and the people engaged in the production of fair products – choose FAIR SQUARED!