Massages are not only warmly welcome after sporty activities or strength-sapping work since they provide body and soul with new energy. Also as a sensual experience for couples a massage is widely estimated. With our FAIR SQUARED massage products like our oils you nourish the skin and give wellness and relaxation to the layers beneath it.
Fair Squared LUBE & MASSAGE GEL GREEN TEA 150ml - vegan, fair tradeLUBE & MASSAGE GEL GREEN TEA
Natural, water-soluble body care product suitable for massages and as a lubricant. The pleasant and gentle vegan formula with Fairtrade green tea helps to relieve physical tension and to regenerate the skin. Green tea has been known in Chinese medicine for centuries for its rejuvenating and healing effects. Can be used as a massage gel and as a lubricant. Condom compatible. Does not affect the vagina’s pH balance.

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Fair Squared Massage Oil Together Argan 150ml - vegan, fair tradeMASSAGE OIL TOGETHER ARGAN
Natural, vegan massage oil made from Fairtrade argan oil, apricot kernel, almond and olive oil. Promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation – a massage with this combination of high quality oils is bliss for skin and soul. Leaves skin well moisturized, smooth and supple. The oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and A and minerals which have a beneficial effect on the outer skin layers, improve its complexion and counteract signs of early aging. Grape seed oil promotes relaxation, the skin can regenerate, regaining elasticity and firmness.

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Fair Squared massage oil olive - vegan, fair tradeMASSAGE OIL OLIVE
Natural unscented, lubricating massage oil based on Fairtrade olive oil. If desired, it can be scented with your personal choice of essential oils. The skin absorbs the oil very slowly. Due to the high content of oleic acid, olive oil has a regenerating effect. It is particularly suitable for dry and scaly skin. Olive oil is known to have warming, anti-inflammatory properties and can increase blood circulation. The Massage Oil Basic is available in a convenient 5 litre „Bag in Box“ unit or in a 150ml desktop bottle.


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Fair Squared massage candle cocoa - vegan, fair tradeMASSAGE CANDLE COCOA
Natural, vegan massage candle made with Fairtrade cocoa butter, coconut oil and carnauba wax. A unique way to combine the romance of candlelight with the sensuousness massage. Light the wick of the candle and let it burn until some liquid has accumulated. Extinguish the flame, wait for a short while and use the liquid as a pleasantly warm massage oil. The ingredients of the candle have lubricating qualities and leave the skin supple and radiant.

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Fair Squared massage candle shea - vegan, fair tradeMASSAGE CANDLE SHEA
The basis of this vegan massage candle are Fairtrade shea butter and coconut oil as well as carnauba wax. This product combines the romantic candle light atmosphere with a sensual massage in a unique way. At first, light up the wick and let it burn for a while until some wax has liquefied. Extinguish the flame and wait a moment. Now you can use the warm wax to offer a relaxing massage. Beneath its perfect lubricating qualities, the ingredients leave the skin supple. Furthermore, a subtle smell of shea butter develops.

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From a Fairtrade massage two sides benefit

By choosing a FAIR SQUARED product for your next massage, you actually do good twice. Not only does the person receiving the massage profit from it, but also our Fairtrade partners who cultivate the plants for our excellent ingredients. When finding our formulas we have paid attention to a well- balanced relation of good skin compatibility and highly nourishing qualities of our fairly traded oils and other ingredients.