FAIR SQUARED shaving products are designed to perfectly suit the needs of the most sensitive regions of our bodies and make shaving easy and pleasant. These products help you avoid unpleasant side effects like razor burn and ingrown hairs. And in both cases: whether you are looking for something for shaving your face, body or intimate area – with our products made of fairly traded ingredients you will for sure find the suitable cosmetic for every purpose! Besides, we offer ergonomically well-formed razors for legs, armpits and chests as well as our specific intimate razor. By its perfectly adapted blades for the genital area, it effectively prevents injuries and irritations of the skin. Experience a totally different feeling on your skin – choose our ethical Fairtrade cosmetic products and popular razors!

All products for a body shave without side effects are all gathered in this set:

1x 5ml Shaving Oil
1x 15ml After Shave Balm
1x 20ml Shaving Soap
1x Intimate Razor

EAN Code 4260365851945

Fair Squared SHAVING OIL MEN - vegan, fair tradeSHAVING OIL MEN ARGAN
FAIR SQUARED Shaving Oil for men is the perfect preparation for shaving of facial or body hair. Contains natural and certified organic Fair Trade ingredients. Help prevent skin irritation and the development of spots. A combination of grape seed, almond, olive and argan oil relax and nourish the skin. Argan oil softens the hair and acts as a buffer and lubricant to allow a smooth yet thorough shave. Olive and almond oil add vitamin E and fatty acids which nourish the skin and soothe sensitive facial areas. With Fairtrade argan oil from Morocco, Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine and Fairtrade almond oil from Uzbekistan.

content 15ml:
EAN Code 4260365851303

Fair Squared SHAVING OIL WOMEN - vegan, fair tradeSHAVING OIL WOMEN
The FAIR SQUARED Shaving oil is the perfect preparation for very sensitive, delicate areas of skin ensuring an uncomplicated and gentle shave. The fairly traded, natural ingredients, some of them certified organic helps to prevent skin irritations. The combination of grape seed oil, apricot, almond, olive and argan oil relaxes and nourishes your skin. Olives, apricots and almonds provide nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids which have a soothing and smoothing effect on the delicate skin in the genital area. With Fairtrade argan oil from Morocco, Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine and Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan.

content 15ml:
EAN Code 4260365851433

content 30ml:
EAN Code 4260365854960

Fair Squared After Shave Balm Men Argan - vegan, fair tradeAFTER SHAVE BALM ARGAN
Cooling, soothing After Shave Balm made from natural Fairtrade ingredients. Our After Shave Balm helps to prevent skin irritations and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. The combination of oils is deeply moisturising and easily absorbed leaving the skin supple but never greasy. The ingredients are known to help prevent signs of premature ageing. With Fairtrade argan oil from Morocco, Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine and Fairtrade green tea from India.

content 30ml:
EAN Code 4260365851310

This after shave balm was specially designed for application after shaving the genital area and other zones of the body with particularly sensitive skin. Soothing and naturally cooling. The aftershave balm is moisturising and helps to protect against skin irritations. The mixture of natural oils is easily absorbed by the skin. The oils provide maximum moisture without feeling greasy, leaving the skin smooth and soft. With Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan and Fairtrade olive oil from Palestine.

content 30ml:
EAN Code 4260365851853

The Shaving Soap has a pleasant apricot scent and is gently cleansing your skin while you shave. With a pH-balance of 4.5 it is well suited for shaving the sensitive skin of the genital area. The low pH- balance was achieved through the use of vegetable lactic acid (vegan). With Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan.

content 50ml:
EAN CODE 4260365851723
content 250ml:
EAN CODE 4260365851075

Fair Squared Intimate After Shave Spray - vegan, fair tradeINTIMATE AFTER SHAVE SPRAY
Frequently shaving the sensitive skin in the under arm and genital area can leave it irritated and prone to rashes. The FAIR SQUARED After Shave Spray soothes and nourishes the skin. It does not affect the natural pH balance of the female genital area and the application feels gentle and pleasant.

content 50ml:
EAN Code 4260365854786


Fair Squared Intimate Peeling - vegan, fair tradeINTIMATE PEELING
Applying a peeling can be an important preparatory step for shaving the genital area. It opens the pores around ingrown hairs and thus helps prevent painful razor nicks. With Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan.

content 150ml:
EAN Code 4260365854816


Fair Squared shaver - vegan, fair tradeBIKINI RAZOR INTIMATE

This easy to handle bikini razor allows you to shave with precision, leaving your skin soft and perfectly smooth. Even difficult to reach areas, curves and contures can be shaved with ease.

Content: 1 razor + 4 replacement blades

EAN CODE 4260365850030
Fair Squared Bikini Razor Blades - vegan, fair tradeBIKINI RAZOR BLADES INTIMATE

EAN CODE 4260365851945