Fair care for sunbathing and after it

When it comes to sunbathing, one should know that every skin has its individual time of self-protection. While darker skin types can stay up to 30 or 40 minutes in the sun without getting sunburned, the skin type 1 (fair skin and blonde or red) is already risking a sunburn after 5–10 minutes in the midday sun. For this we have our sun care products like our FAIR SQUARED Sun Lotion Apricot with SPF 30. This raises the self-protection time of the skin by the factor of 30. After sunbathing we recommend our After Sun Lotion to nourish the skin.

Fair Squared After SunLotion GreenTea - vegan, fair tradeAFTER SUN LOTION GREEN TEA
After sunbathing this soothing After Sun Lotion hydrates and replenishes sun stressed skin. The fairly traded green tea calms, cools and regenerates the skin and leaves it radiant.Not a natural cosmetics product.

Content 50 ml:
EAN Code 4260365851839

Fair Squared Body SunLotion Apricot - vegan, fair tradeBODY SUN LOTION APRICOT SPF 30
Effective sun protection combined with nourishing skin care. Leaves the skin supple while protecting it from UV-A and UV-B rays. For fair skin susceptible to sunburn and in medium to strong sunlight.Not a natural cosmetics product.

Content 50 ml:
EAN Code 4260365854144

High-class fairly traded ingredients for your skin

Like all of our FAIR SQUARED products the sun care ones base on Fairtrade ingredients which we receive from fair trade routes. Determining the product’s name, our After Sun Lotion consists of Fairtrade green tea from India which is well-known for its cooling and regenerating characteristics. The valuable composition of the lotion brings back the skin’s moisture and elasticity which it has lost during the day. Both products do not count for natural cosmetics since we do not use mineral sun protection and other ingredients which are determined in the underlying guidelines. The result is a fastly absorbed cream which does not leave the skin with a greasy or shining film.