FAIR in every situation

The farther the idea of FAIR SQUARED made progress, the thought of bringing a change to the unjust global trading conditions became stronger. That is why the FAIR SQUARED founders have spent some time thinking about it with the result of creating other fair brands:

FAIR ZONE: fair trade for house and garden

By developing FAIR ZONE, the idea was born to create products for household, gardening and leisure times. The background was to offer alternatives to conventional products which are often made of plastics. The first raw material: fairly traded natural rubber like it had already been used for FAIR SQUARED condoms and menstrual cups by then. Besides household gloves and resistance loop bands, balloons and seed trays have been developed. Followed by several items which all aim at being fair to the environment and to the producing partners.


DeliFair: what the world really tastes like

The brand DeliFair combines the different genuine tastes of the world. What has begun with the world’s first Fairtrade and organic certified spice sauces, is growing gradually.  Every product contains fairly traded organic ingredients which tell stories from far-away countries and cultures. It all began with the popular spice sauces which combine authentic taste without additives with the Fairtrade aspect. For an improvement in the working and living conditions of the producing partners.


Fair Trade Promotions: sustainable advertisement

Are there any fair promotional products? That was the basic question which lead to Fair Trade Promotions. Advertisement without a bad conscience, with an additional value for advertisers and producers of the raw materials. It does not only make sense due to its sustainable message: By using fair trade promotional gifts, ethical consumers can be reached.


Donk-EE is the clever electric cargo-bike for everyone: whether it’s a big shopping spree, a move or a family trip on the weekend – with Donk-EE you can transport yourself, your loved ones and heavy luggage sustainably from the cathedral to the Schäl Sick.

Donk-EE is practical and flexible: With the simple sharing system you can rent bikes at 50 locations whenever and for as long as you want.

Saddle up for a good mood: Thanks to Donk-EE you can easily leave annoying traffic jams behind you, make fast progress despite rush hour, save time looking for a parking space and park for free in the city centre.

Good for the climate and the ears: With Donk-EE you’ll be clean, quiet and healthy on the road in Cologne – not only you, but also your surroundings will be happy. Your contribution to climate protection: 100% green electricity makes you emission-free. Leave your car and discover the new mobility without CO2, noise and fine dust.

Logo Donk-EE