Fair Squared period cup - vegan, fair tradePERIOD CUP
The FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is a soft menstrual cup, made from Fair Trade natural rubber. It does not absorb the menstrual fluid but collects it. The Period Cup can be used throughout the menstrual cycle, no matter whether the menstrual flow is light or heavy. It gives you longer protection because the cup can retain more than three times the amount of menstrual fluid than a regular tampon. The Period Cup is reusable, can easily be cleaned with water and once you know how to correctly insert it you won‘t feel it. Unlike menstrual cups made from silicone or plastic the Period Cup is an environmentally friendly sanitary hygiene product. Made from FSC® 100 % certified Fair Trade natural latex from Sri Lanka.

Size M:
EAN Code 4260365851584

Size L:
EAN Code 4260365854007

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Fair Squared deodorant cream apricot - vegan, fair tradeINTIMATE DEODORANT CREAM APRICOT
Developed for women of all ages. This rich cream deodorises and nourishes the sensitive skin in the genital area leaving it feeling fresh and smooth. Contains Fairtrade apricot kernel oil and matches the natural pH balance of the skin in the genital area. Suitable for daily use.

Content 30ml:
EAN Code 4260365854953

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Fair Squared Intimate Washing Lotion Apricot - vegan, fair tradeINTIMATE WASHING LOTION
This washing lotion can be used extremely sparingly. It maintains and protects the natural pH balance of the skin in the genital area and is suitable for daily use. With its mild natural surfactants it is a good choice for sensitive skin and people suffering from allergies. Helps to prevent skin irritations and leaves the skin soft and supple. With Fairtrade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan and Fairtrade green tea from India.

Content 250 ml Green Tea:
EAN Code 4260365851112

Content 100 ml Apricot:
EAN Code 4260365854205

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Water soluble skin care product suitable for massage. It maintains the natural pH balance of the skin in the female genital area. Helps to relieve muscle tension.

content 50ml:
EAN Code 4260365851860

content 150ml:
EAN Code 4260365851679

content 5000ml:
EAN Code 4260365854984

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